Van Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Making sure your vehicle or vehicles have adequate insurance in place will be paramount. Here, we've been arranging various forms of van insurance for over 25 years so are well versed in a multitude of van insurance requirements.

Of course, nobody knows your business better than you do - you'll know if your van insurance needs a comprehensive breakdown policy attached, or if the insurance should cover the carriage of hazardous goods such as chemicals or even if you need an element of van insurance for overseas trips - whatever you need from your van insurance we'll be able to assist.

We can offer almost any combination of drivers and vehicles to include:

  • Private car no claims bonus accepted on our van insurance
  • Courtesy Van as standard on our van insurance subject to underwriting
  • Van Insurance discounts for additional security
  • Enhanced insurance discounts for lower mileage users
  • Further van insurance discounts for sign written vehicles

In addition, we can look to offer our monthly instalment plans across all of our van insurance policies subject to a 20% deposit in the first year of your insurance. Upon renewal, we should be able to offer you equal monthly payments on your van insurance.

Reducing your Van Insurance Costs

  • There are a couple of handy hints when looking to reduce your van insurance costs - here are a few:
  • Opt for a named driver insurance policy instead of any driver - this can reduce your insurance costs by as much as 20%
  • Take a higher voluntary excess on your van insurance - insurance companies usually give hefty discounts for this
  • Do not keep tools or materials in your van overnight
  • Always garage your van (if possible)
  • Build up your no claims bonus - try to avoid making small insurance claims for the odd scuff and scrape!

Whatever your van insurance needs - give our commercial vehicle team a call today and see how you can save.