Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance


If you own a property in Swansea which is currently unoccupied or is about to become unoccupied for an extended period of time standard home insurance policies won't suffice.

Properties become unoccupied for a number of reasons such as pending sale, under renovation, working abroad or if the estate is in probate. Under all of these circumstances and many more we can offer you the insurance policy you need.

Our probate insurance for executors means you do not have to worry whilst the estate is resolved - sometimes this can take months. Our specialist insurance schemes can avoid the over-bearing security requirements of some insurance policies in these circumstances.

In addition, our unoccupied property insurance comes with the flexibility of knowing that if you should go on to rent the property, we can switch your cover to our landlord insurance easily - meaning no break in your insurance cover and guaranteeing that correct and adequate insurance cover stays in force.

Levels of unoccupied insurance cover vary depending on the reasons for unoccupancy - but most insurance companies offer discounts if the property is furnished for habitation or if you opt to restrict cover in some way (reducing your contents insurance sum would be one example).

In addition, our unoccupied property insurance policies can offer you flexibility in your package - allowing you to opt for up to £1m buildings insurance cover.