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Thatched Property Insurance

You'll already know, certainly if you've tried before, that finding suitable insurance for thatched roof properties in Swansea can be difficult.

Many insurance companies stay away from these sorts of insurance policies for all the obvious reasons - fire perils of course plus the rebuild costs can be astronomical.

Here, we have teamed up with one of the UK's largest insurance companies to offer us a specialist thatched property insurance policy that ensures your property in Swansea has more than adequate insurance cover in force against all likely perils.

In addition we can even offer insurance cover should your property be grade 1 or grade 2 listed.


Specialist Underwriters

All of our thatched roof insurance quotations receive the attention of a dedicated insurance underwriter to make sure that your policy is bespoke to your property. This means that not only will the policy be exacting in terms of insurance cover, it will be underwritten against your target insurance premium, meaning we can look to offer the very best insurance cover at a price that's right!

Also... our policies will provide insurance for all types of thatch - meaning that whatever the material originally used, we can re-instate the property just the way it was always meant to be following a claim and of course provide the very best insurance for that remote possibility.

Just call our vastly experienced property insurance team to discuss your needs - 0208 5347726