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If you own a property that has had a history of ground heave or subsidence (even before you moved in) in Swansea then your annual home insurance renewal date must fill you with trepidation! You'll likely have been with the same insurance company for years, feeling trapped by inflated insurance premiums or by the mere thought of going through "all this insurance stuff" with someone new... well... help is at hand.

In some areas of Swansea we're aware that there has been some historical problems with certain postcodes - however, because of insurance experience, we have been able to build specific insurance policies to help.

Backed by major UK insurance companies we've been able to form an insurance policy that will cover your home for any repeats of the unthinkable!

All of our quotations for property insurance in this category will be looked at by a specialist property insurance underwriter - meaning that on your behalf we can fully convey the history of the property, the remedial works done and the claims history since the last occurrence.

Of course, insurance for properties with a history of subsidence in Swansea may require supporting documentation to be provided such as:

  • A structural engineers report - essential to have your property's history properly explained and thus insured
  • A home buyer report - working on a traffic light system, this will further substantiate your insurance policy
  • A certificate of structural adequacy - proof that remedial work has been done correctly

However - your specialist home insurance policy through us may not require this... only in some cases do the insurance underwriters ask for a copy and provided the original remedial works have been done correctly, you'll have this already.