Helpful Security Tips

Helpful security tips  - lower your insurance costs

Any insurance issued on a physical location within Swansea will have a minimum security requirement attached to the terms and conditions of that insurance. If your insurance is for a domestic household, then some insurance companies will look for a 5 lever mortice deadlock to the main entrance or exits of the home.

Some, depending on area will also look for key operated window locks to the ground floor - another way to safeguard your home and to give the insurance company some comfort that the likelihood of a theft is reduced as much as it can be.

If your insurance is for a commercial premises of any kind, then insurance companies tend to request an alarm to be installed. There is a range of insurance approved alarm systems on the market place but they all fall into one of four main categories:


Audible or "bells only"

Provides your premises with exactly the type of protection that you'd think - the system will omit a loud high pitched and audible sound in an
attempt to ward off any potential intruders. The only potential level of additional cover that you might enjoy by installing one of these systems is
a text or message to your mobile phone - this will help with your insurance costs but might not be the minimum insurance requirement for your location.
Even if your system sends these messages, an alarm system like this one is still classed as "audible" - and this in terms of your insurance is the lowest
form of protection available... and one that might need to be improved upon to satisfy your insurance company.


Monitored Alarms


Again, exactly what you'd expect, this type of alarm system (more likely to be insurance approved) if these alarms are activated, they can immediately
communicate with an approved alarm receiving station (ARC). The reason that most insurance companies will request this level of protection on a commercial premises as a minimum insurance requirement is because of the police response if two or more sensors are set off at once - usually indicating a breach of the premises. Depending on the nature of your business or the nature of the stock being held at your business, insurance companies can insist on an even higher level of protection before issuing insurance cover for theft.


BT Redcare

There are two different types of insurance approved systems available under this heading: Single Path and Dual Path

Single Path:

Very similar in nature to a monitored alarm - they communicate with an ARC via a single method (fixed phone line) - these tend to be preferred by insurance companies over "monitored alarms" as they are typically built to an exacting British standard meaning that the phone line is constantly monitored by the ARC.

Dual Path:

By far the most widely recognised insurance approved type of alarm system available today. These systems will not
only communicate with an ARC via a fixed phone line, they will also as a back-up communicate with the ARC via GSM - this way those monitoring the system can more easily identify the validity of the alert.

In addition, depending on the nature of your business and to further satisfy the insurance companies, you can also request various levels of police response - the highest of which is known as Level 1 response - obviously preferred by insurance companies in certain circumstances and usually means the police will respond to your premises ASAP in the event that the alarm is triggered.