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07 Aug 2015 Money Saving Tips from

How to save money on your car insurance

There are a number of ways of saving money on your car insurance - here we highlight a few of the main ways you can take back some control of your insurance costs and put a bit more money in your pocket!

Take a voluntary excess - most insurers will quote with a standard policy excess, perhaps £100 per claim. If you add to this by volunteering up to an additional £250 you can save as much as 20% with some of our car insurance underwriters.

Restrict the drivers - if you've been used to having two or three named drivers on your car insurance policy, ask yourself often do they drive? If the car is rarely used outside of yourself and your wife / partner then remove the unneeded additional drivers. The difference in costs between a 2 driver and 4 driver policy can be as much as 50% of the insurance premium.

Accurately assess your mileage each year - Don't just say "average mileage" when arranging your car insurance...try and work out just what you cover during each insurance term. Mileage is one of the main rating factors when it comes to private car insurance in [location] and by being more accurate with your estimations you can save £££. Remember, you're not restricting your mileage per year, so don't worry if you go a bit over the guesstimate!

Named on another car insurance policy? - Then tell us! Having regular use of another car or owning another car will discount your policy!

Remember how long you've owned the car for! - Sounds easy but you'd be amazed how many of our insurance customer say "2 or 3 years" when asked this question! Be extended period of claim free ownership of the car you are looking for insurance for will enable certain car insurance providers to allow discounts.

Consider the merits of making a small value claim - We realise that your car insurance is there for a reason! But what if you scrape the car on the gate post and it's only £200 to repair. Better to pay for the repair than pay a £100 x/s and claim - why? Because next year you'll loose far more than the additional £100 it would have cost you this year! Plus, claims stay on your driving record for 5 years for car the penalties for making small claims can add up!