Making an insurance claim

Advice for when you need to claim

You'll only find out the true value of your insurance policy - be it car insurance, home insurance or any type of commercial insurance when you come to make a claim.

If you've been involved in a small incident , you'll likely be Asking yourself: "should I even make an insurance claim" or "if I make a claim on my insurance, what happens next my insurance premiums shoot up...will I lose my no claims bonus?"

At Coversure Insurance, we have a dedicated team of claims handlers employed specifically to look after your needs and guide you through the tricky job of pursuing an insurance claim. In Swansea we're always here to help.


Car Insurance

All of our car insurance customers have complete piece of mind, knowing that our dedicated team are here to help. If you have comprehensive car insurance, call our helpline and they will make sure that if your car is not driveable from the scene of an accident, they'll arrange collection of the car and transportation to our approved insurance repairer.

In addition, our claims advisors will work on your behalf and negotiate the best possible settlement in the event of any total loss claims, with the insurance company. 

Commercial Insurance

Again, with our commercial insurance customers we have a dedicated support network in place - guiding you through every part of the claims process.

We recognise that commercial insurance claims are sometimes complex to deal with and we certainly would not want you dealing with the insurance company without our support.                                     
If anything happens that has or might even give rise to an insurance claim, do not hesitate to call our offices - we'll be delighted to assist you during every step of your insurance claim.