Landlord Insurance

Landlords Insurance

Whether you own a single property or a portfolio of rented properties we can help with your rented property insurance needs. Our in-house underwriters are time served rented property insurance experts and have now launched a price match guarantee!

On a like for like basis - our price match scheme will mean we're able to better almost anything in Swansea

Not only that, we can cover all types of tenants such as DSS, Asylum Seekers, Professional tenants and HMO property insurance. 


Landlords Liability Insurance

Remember - this is a business and your insurance policy needs to be adequately specified as such. A key part of this is your public liability insurance and
product liability insurance which will protect you against a tenant or a visitor to your property suffering injury as a result of your property.

In addition, our landlord liability insurance will cover you if their possessions are damaged as a result of a fault at your property. Make sure you avoid the perils of a liability claim being made against you by purchasing this essential insurance add-on. In our increasing insurance claim culture, you need to be aware that insurance claims of this nature can run into tens of thousands of pounds! Make sure your insurance protects you fully.


Who can you rent to?

With our landlord's insurance we can offer a policy to cover almost every type of tenant - so if you are looking to rent to students, DSS, Asylum Seekers or your local authority, we can offer insurance to cover your property.


Legal Expenses

Should the worst happen and your tenant defaults on their rental obligations, your legal protection insurance cover will help you recover the costs of not only the lost income, but potential repossession, contract disputes and if necessary court appearances by a qualified solicitor. The legal expenses insurance cover will offer up to £50,000 worth of cover in any one insurance policy term.