Animal Insurance

Animal Insurance

Britain is a nation of pet lovers and there is no better way of showing just how much you care for your pet or working animal than arranging a quality insurance policy for them.

At Coversure Insurance we're here because we care about animals in just the same way as you. Our pet and animal insurance policies are available without limits to benefits and offer complete peace of mind.

In Swansea we work with a number of highly qualified and time served veterinary surgeries to make sure that should your pet need immediate medical attention, our care professionals are on hand to provide it.


What our pet insurance gives you

Our animal and pet insurance policies will not only provide insurance for your vet fees (which can run to thousands of pounds) but also provide insurance cover for kenneling fees in Swansea, cattery fees and loss by straying.

In addition, our comprehensive insurance for your pet will also offer you insurance cover for loss of your animal due to theft, accidental damage of another parties property and additional transport costs should your vet in Swansea refer you to another specialist.

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