Home Insurance in Flood Risk Areas

Flood Risk Property Insurance


Finding suitable home insurance for your previously flooded or flood threatened property can be a daunting task. Insurance companies have an at risk register of all postcodes in Swansea and if you find yourself on these lists, perhaps you already expect to pay more for your home insurance.

Our experience in this particular insurance market means that we won't exclude you from competitively priced home insurance based on a list of postcodes. Our insurance experience means you have someone looking at your individual needs on a bespoke basis - taking into consideration such things as as duration since the last flood related insurance claim, what has been done since to prevent another similar insurance claim from occurring and your exact location within a flood prone district.

Let's face it, if you lived at the top of a hill away from immediate threat of a flood related insurance claim, would you expect to get an insurance quote equal to those living on the rivers edge?

In addition, we can also offer insurance cover for listed properties in such locations - we recognise that in many such locations the average age of a property can increase - and our insurance policies reflect this.

To get a competitive quotation for your home insurance - even if you've been flooded previously in Swansea or are at risk of flood, give our property insurance experts a call today.