High Net Worth Insurance

High Net Worth Insurance


We recognise that not everyone's circumstances are the same. Your home insurance policy needs to reflect your material assets accurately and over 25 years of high net worth insurance experience has taught us exactly how to assist you.

In Swansea we have an exclusive portfolio of insurance clients that qualify for our various high net worth insurance schemes. We can offer buildings insurance cover for listed properties with an upper value of £5 million. In addition, we can offer insurance cover for valuable collections of art, jewellery, antiques and wines.

All of our High Net Worth Insurance policies are individually underwritten by a dedicated team of insurance specialists - meaning you get the very best attention to detail and a completely bespoke insurance solution for all of your material assets.

Our range of clients include famous actors, sporting professionals including premier league footballers, pop stars and television personalities. However, even if you're not a celebrity, you can benefit from our 5 star insurance policies.

Our experienced property insurance team can guide you through the insurance market and bespoke an insurance product to fit your exact needs. We can even offer insurance schemes that cover global insurance risks as well as UK based ones.

Extended insurance cover

We have an extensive insurance panel in place for an array of insurance needs - as part of your high net worth insurance package, why not look to add on a boat or a classic car that you own? You may not need to pay for additional and separate insurance on your extended possessions  - or have a collection of insurance renewals due at different times of the year - easily the best solution is to wrap up all of your insurance policies in one easy to manage packaged renewal.

In addition, our high net worth insurance policies can also offer worldwide travel insurance packages for you and your family - again just ask our property insurance experts and we'll run through the options with you.