Retail Outlet Insurance

Retail Outlet Insurance

Within Swansea  you'll need your business insurance policy to cover you for loss of trade (business interruption), book debt, money kept on or off the premises, shop frontage, personal accident and both employee liability insurance (should you employ anyone) and public liability insurance.

If you do employ staff, you have to by law have a minimum of employee liability insurance cover in force - the rest is your choice but we'd recommend you take out a combined retail insurance policy. Costs of course can vary depending on your line of business and the cover you need, but it's always cheaper than replacing all of your stock or paying for the personal injury claim your customer will make if they fall on your premises

Essentially anything that is customer facing, for the purposes of insurance is counted as a shop. So, if you're a butcher, baker, florist or bookmaker you'll need a business insurance quote and cover from us.

Years of experience insuring Swansea retail trade has helped us understand these insurance risks perfectly and have a range of leading UK insurers able to offer you the cheapest commercial quotes available - for whatever shop you run.

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