Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

Of course, you'll be well aware that as a fish and chip shop owner in Swansea, the insurance costs can be more expensive due to the risks involved with serving food to the public and also the increased risk of fire when using hot oil and the ranges used for deep fat frying.

Insurers often see your business as a higher risk insurance category than most others for these reasons. The search for annual insurance needn't be stressful, we have made excellent arrangements with the majority of the UK's leading commercial insurers so that all of your business needs are covered.

Even if you offer a delivery service in Swansea, we can offer goods in transit cover to cover public liability and product liability insurance and also cover deterioration of frozen food stock insurance, business interruption insurance cover and money cover.

Our tailor made fish and chip shop insurance policies can also offer cover for your buildings if you happen to own the premises. We can also cover any of the improvements you've made to accommodate your business.

Fish and Chip shop liability insurance

Most important to your business and your reputation will be the insurance cover in place for your customers and your staff.
With our policies, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you'll be covered for all accidents on your premises.

In addition we will also include in your insurance package products liability insurance, just in case one of the fish does not agree
with your one of your customers!