Existing Insurance Customer Discounts

Our Existing Customer Discounts

If you already have an insurance policy with any Coversure branch, we may well be able to look at awarding you an additional insurance discount on your next car or home insurance policy with us.

In addition, if you have a commercial vehicle insurance policy with us and meet certain criteria (please ask for exact insurance criteria) we will be able to extend a further 10% insurance discount to additional vehicles insured with us.

Furthermore, should you have more than two commercial vehicles that need insurance, we can then look to extend our fleet insurance discounts to you (again subject to certain criteria) - saving you more money on your insurance policies this year!


Our Insurance Price Promise

We don't believe in giving you one quote for your insurance today...and another tomorrow. Here, our first insurance quote is always our best insurance quote. Our belief is that when quoting in a competitive insurance market, we put our best foot forward first. If this insurance quote is not to your liking and we can't match your best insurance quote, we'll tell you! However, we're always confident that our various insurance schemes are highly price and competitive and benefit rich.

Call us today for an insurance quote, we confident that in Coversure we can offer you great insurance at a great price.