Commercial & Business Mini Fleet Insurance - Coversure

Business Fleet Insurance

In the current economic climate, business expenditure is always under the microscope. Obviously, this will include your fleet insurance arrangements - the insurance policy needs to be correctly priced and comprehensive enough to cover all of your insurance needs in Swansea.

Regardless of the size for your commercial fleet, we can help. We can offer insurance for anything from 2 vehicles upward to include insurance for a mixture of vehicles such as small to medium size vans, twin axle vans onto lorries up to 44tonne.

We'll be able to assist you with advice regards the best way to structure your mini fleet insurance - for example if you have an element of your driving force under the age of 25 or even 30 you can limit their exposure on your fleet insurance to the smaller vehicles and save some money on your insurance.

Similarly, if you have drivers that have motoring offences, unless it is absolutely necessary you can limit the driving to the smaller vehicles to help reduce your insurance costs.

We can also offer mixed levels of cover on your older vehicles - again, allowing insurance savings where some vehicles in your fleet are of an age where comprehensive insurance is no longer the most viable option.

Insurance Extensions

In addition to the various commercial mini fleet insurance cover levels that we offer, we can extend your policy upon request to include:

  • Full Breakdown cover (including EU cover where requested)
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Legal Expenses Insurance (helps recover uninsured losses such as loss of earnings in a non fault claim)
  • Public and Products liability insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance

Go Green!!

If you have a 50+ vehicle commercial fleet with valid insurance, you qualify for a free on site Green Fleet Review

Commercial fleets of over 100 vehicles that have adequate insurance arrangements could save up to £100,000 per annum - a saving which could more than pay for your insurance policy!!

It's relatively straight forward to save money in this way - the review will point you in the right direction of course, but simple changes to driving styles and the efficiency of your fleet will greatly help reduce your carbon omissions.

On the back of this responsible fleet management we will be able to negotiate extra discounts for you - just give our team a call to discuss the options available.