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Car Insurance

Out of all the insurance policies available for Swansea, car insurance is the most commonly bought. We're a nation of car owners (just under 30 million at the last count) and the buying of car insurance is mandatory in the UK.

At Coversure, we can provide specialist insurance schemes from many of the top insurers in the UK - meaning you can keep your insurance as cheap as possible.

Your car insurance renewal quote should be with you about 21-28 days before your renewal - this is your opportunity to shop around for your insurance. Most companies providing insurance for Swansea will automatically renew your insurance unless you tell them otherwise, so shopping around for cheaper car insurance is vitally important.

Don't be fooled into buying solely because the car insurance quote you've had is cheap. Cheap does not always mean it's the best option - and invariably the cheapest car insurance is rarely the one that meets all your needs as an individual.


Zero No Claims Bonus?

Have you been driving a company car in Swansea for a number of years? Have you been a named driver on your partner's or parents car insurance and not earned any of your own no claims bonus? IF SO - CALL US!! Here at Coversure, we can offer (if there a no at fault claims in te last 5 years) a series of car insurance products giving you HUGE DISCOUNTS equivalent to MAXIMUM NO CLAIMS BONUS

Why use a broker for car insurance?
You should speak to your Coversure office and get good insurance advice each year. The car insurance market is highly volatile and underwriters who were cheap for you last year may not be cheap this year! At Coversure, we have the market knowledge and insurance expertise needed to guide you through the minefield of the car insurance market place and the quotes available in the Swansea

Online car insurance is widely available of course, but is it the best way to buy?

From experience, we know that in most cases on line insurers will strip out many of  the more standard benefits of their car insurance policies just to make their premiums cheaper! What they then hope to do is either cross sell you other insurance policies such as home insurance, travel insurance or pet insurance, or they will try and sell you ancillary products after the car insurance has started...such as breakdown cover, personal accident cover or an extended car hire product - making up for the nil profit in their car insurance prices.