Campervan and Motorhome Insurance

Campervan Insurance

You'll already know the care you take when driving your campervan or motor home - the good news is so do we! Every time you leave Swansea you're looking for a stress free time of enjoyment with your family and to ease you on your way, we've come up with a range of campervan insurance policies designed for the discerning driver.

Here, we're confident that we can offer you cheaper campervan insurance and cheaper motor home insurance without removing any of the policy benefits. We won't look to limit the mileage you do each year as pert of your insurance, or limit the insurance should you take your campervan abroad.

What we'll cover...

We'll offer you insurance for a wide range of campervans and motor homes from the classic VW Camper to larger American motor homes and purpose built vehicles used for spots touring etc.

In addition, if your campervan was previously an ordinary panel van then look no further for your campervan insurance - we'll offer all the usual campervan insurance benefits for your converted vehicle as standard.

Our insurance claims back up

If you ever have to make an insurance claim, through our range of insurance policies, we'll be able to provide you with access to our insurance approved repairer network, experienced in replacing campervan and motor home parts and even provide you with a courtesy vehicle whilst your own is being repaired through the insurance.

How do I arrange insurance?

Simple - give us a call on 0208 5347726 - we'll quickly run through the details with you and arrange immediate insurance cover if needed. This is usually how our cheapest campervan insurance prices can be found. Or, for an immediate insurance quote - click on the quote button to complete our on line application and get cover in minutes!!